Sergi Delgado

Young graphic designer born in Barcelona. As a child I knew that his vocation would be focused within the creative sector, but did not know yet what field to specialize.




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Opted for the functional aspect, leaving aside the purely artistic to opt into graphic design. This decision did not stop him at any time stop drawing and creating artwork, i finally after all, is and will always be one of his passions. In fact, the opposite happened, he enriched their projects because, thanks to the design, stopped drawing ‘because if’ to give more meaning to your work.





The strictly formal (line, line, color) was tied to content, giving high importance to the concept, freedom of expression and the intense public reaction to the meaning of their creations. He discovered in his studies fascination with lettering design (typography, lettering and calligraphy), a universe that you want to explore further.

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Art Direction & Illustration

Sergi Delgado is a graphic designer & illustrator, lover of typography and calligraphy, now lives in Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, but working for clients worldwide.

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